Special services for special studies

Our experts provide full support and work with you to design your study. We supply fixatives, capsules and transport materials. Our trimming patterns follow RITA or customer guidelines and we offer embedding patterns that meet a diverse range of study standards and special requirements.



Our well trained and qualified team of specialists supports you and performs the post-mortem examination of rodents and non-rodents at your company.

With one week of handling time beforehand, our team will be ready to work at your company.

We provide a huge panel of special stains and as a standard our laboratories use glass coverslips instead of plastic sheets. We offer complete slide preparation as well as individual preparation steps, with the capacity to prepare up to 2500 slides per day.

Our expert pathologists report with the GLP-compliance certified Path Data System (PDS). In addition to these services, TPL Path Labs also offers a special courier service conforming to GLP conditions.