In 2008 TPL Path Labs GmbH was founded as a spin-off. The company has been built on expertise gained through reading, evaluating, and reporting of millions of pathology slides in the past years. TPL Path Labs GmbH was build up in order to also serve the drug-, device and cosmetics developer, conducting studies under the regulatory required conditions, such as GLP and GCLP and additional standards.

Small and medium-sized enterprises as well as global pharma industries acknowledge and appreciate our quality work and our skillsets implemented by highly experienced scientists as well as trained technical personnel. Our employees are expert molecular biologists and human and veterinary pathologists, with a proven track record in their respective field.

We are proud to be since 2020 a part of StageBio group. Being a part of the StageBio team has been a major contributor to our success.


Quality matters

We are aware of our responsibilities to our partners and to human health and are continuously optimising our processes and quality controls. Education, training, accuracy and precision is the key to all our operational personnel which is essential to the quality of our work.

To us, quality also includes participation in scientific progress. Our laboratories are located in Freiburg, a University city well known for innovative medical research. TPL Path Labs GmbH is well connected with representatives of the University of Freiburg.

Time matters

Our high throughput is due to the experience we have built up over years in the field of non-clinical and clinical histology. Our team works in two shifts, and even 7 days/week if required. Qualified first-class equipment and optimized processes are the pillars of our success.


Being your partner for preclinical and clinical studies, we offer outstanding research services due to our high quality and outstanding performance. Using our excellent competence in all fields of activity, we are striving for international acclaim and intend to expand our global network.


Our objective is to be a globally leading and premium service provider in research on drugs, medical devices and cosmetics. We want to contribute to innovations and sustainability, thereby improving human health and quality of life.