Experts in immunohistochemistry

TPL Path labs IHC services provide support for biologic candidate selection, companion diagnostic validation, validation for translational and clinical research and biomarker screening. We optimize and validate commercial or proprietary antibodies for chromogenic or immunoflorescent, immunohistochemistry. The majority of these studies are performed on Ventana Benchmark ULTRA & Discovery ULTRA automated immunostainers.


Ki 67 (Xenograft human on mouse)


AA1=Mast cell tryptase (human skin)


IgG (human skin)


FITC-lectin (demonstration of tumour vessels)

As well as our expertise in classical Histopathology TPL Path Labs also provides state-of-the-art Immunohistochemistry (IHC) and Immunofluorescence (IF) on cell cultures, animal models and human tissue samples. Highly experienced in the application of both techniques, we routinely use versatile chromogenic based reporting systems to label tissues containing a wide variety of targets. Furthermore we deploy highly sensitive IF to detect e.g. small amounts of biomarkers or to reveal precise subcellular localisation.

Our services include “Discovery style” method development for the newest targets and antibody validation.


Depending on your particular needs, the most suitable techniques and antibodies are identified to achieve optimal results.