Always one step ahead

In the field of preclinical studies TPL Path Labs offers, beyond conventional techniques, a unique and innovative array of methods using 3D cultures, thus complementing conventional in vitro-research by human in vivo-like assays.

Based on these 3D co-culture models we can conduct reproducible human tissue-specific analyses. The epithelial cell lines involved have been developed with a generalized immortalization platform (HPV16 E6/E7), yielding cell lines with a high degree of homogeneity with respect to growth and maturation potential. Tissue equivalents of human skin, oral mucosa, and cornea are generated which make tissue-specific investigations possible. Thereby, conditions are established in vitro which come very close to in vivo situations.


Systems are not only characterized by a remarkably high degree of homogeneity but do not even require primary donor cell material for the epithelial compartment. This enables us to conduct large scale, reproducible preclinical data collections. A further advantage of this new method – especially relevant for the cosmetics industry – is the option to avoid use of animal materials in preclinical studies.

With these additional services, TPL Path Labs enters a new dimension of relevance and reliability of preclinical evaluations.