The value of efficiency

We are open to new ideas coming from our partners and implement them reliably, flexibly and by highly innovative processes with remarkably high operating speed. Open and loyal collaboration with our partners is more than just a phrase for us but is included in our service as a standard component. For example, you will get regular updates informing you continuously about the progress of your study.

As an innovative service provider, we offer you a unique research platform which supports and complements results obtained with our classical in vitro methods by examinations of human tissue materials. With these additional services, TPL Path Labs enters a new dimension of relevance and reliability of preclinical results.

TPL Path Labs is working in shifts and in specialised laboratory units – thus offering a high flexibility. In addition to GLP, GCLP certified units, we offer Key Accounts for an even greater adaptiveness. This is particularly advantageous in long-term cooperation and under challenging regulations. A dedicated team of specialists will be trained and educated for your individual demands and directives and will care for you continuously.

Design and planning of preclinical and clinical studies often need to meet short time lines. Particularly quick and reliable results of high quality standards are a further feature of distinguishing service performance by TPL Path Labs. These time savings contribute to reducing costs.


Our operating speed

GLP unit

  • Trimming: up to 2500 organs per day
  • Embedding: 700 cassettes per day
  • Cutting of paraffin blocks: up to 1400 cuts per day
  • Staining: 2500 slides per day
  • Quality control: 1000 slides per day

Support in preclinical studies

We offer services in Toxicological Pathology and Immunohistology. These in vitro-methods increasingly find their utilisation in preclinical studies. For tissue implants, in addition to the cutting and grinding technology, we offer studies on irritations, tissue integration and morphometry. As complementary services we offer in vivo-like methods for human and tissue-specific investigations.

Support in clinical studies

We perform histopathological analyses for clinical studies. TPL Path Labs is specialised in displaying effects and adverse events through conventional histology and a broad spectrum of special stains. Particularly helpful is our tool for immunohistochemistry – this allows us to quantitatively evaluate therapy success computer-assisted.