On 15. November 2017, Martina Suhm, PhD, joined TPL Path Labs as a Scientific Project Manager.

Dr. Suhm completed her studies and PhD at the University of Freiburg, Germany, focussing mainly on Developmental Biology and Genetics as well as immunohistochemical tools and techniques. She is specialised in establishment and implementation of immunohistochemistry experiments and characterisation of antibodies in other techniques. Her expertise includes, next to antibody based techniques such as immunostainings and Western blot, DNA and RNA based techniques for example PCR and in situ hybridization techniques. Previously, Ms. Suhm worked at Abcam in Cambridge and is very well qualified in advising customers in questions all around antibody based detection methods.

In our laboratory, she will mainly manage immunohistochemical projects. Additionally, Dr. Suhm will work on the development of molecular analysis assays that could be used to complement classical immunohistochemical experiments in research and diagnostics. In addition, Ms. Suhm is responsible for the scientific research and establishment of new methods.

We are delighted that Martina Suhm joins our team and we are pleased to cooperate with her in the future!