Quality matters

We are aware of our responsibilities to our partners and to human health, therefore we are continuously optimising our processes and quality controls. Accuracy and precision is key for all our operational personnel and reflects the quality of our work. To us, quality also includes participation in scientific progress. Our laboratories are located in one of the most important German cities for medical research. Therefore we are close to the sources of medical and biological innovations.

We take advantage of this privilege and continue to improve our professional education. This enables us to offer our partners the most recent research methods, as are currently human in vivo-like methods.


Reliability matters

In addition to reliability of our research results, we consider discretion and loyalty as the most important principles in professional ethics of TPL Path Labs. We act in an open and loyal manner towards our business partners and guarantee absolute confidentiality towards third parties with respect to research contracts and results.

Time matters

Our high throughput is owed to the experience we made in years on the field of clinical histology. Our team is working in shifts. Qualified first-class equipment and optimized processes are the pillars of our success.

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