Better equipment means more flexibility

To adequately and reliably serve our partners with their studies, our laboratories are equipped with basic and highly specialised devices and instruments.



  • 4 Trimming stations
  • Cryostat (Leica)
  • Standard TPL trimming pattern (reference: RITA guide for trimming) and/or client’s standard
  • Implants/hard materials trimming protocol


  • 2 Vacuum Infiltration Processor Tissue-Tek (Sakura)
  • Standard TPL protocol for processing


  • 8 Microtomes (Leica, Microm)
  • 3 Paraffin Embedding Systems (Leica, Medite)
  • 8 Waterbaths
  • 8 Cooling plates
  • 3 Slide Quick Dryer
  • 3 Universal Ovens (Memmert)
  • 1 Band saw (Exakt)
  • 1 Diamond saw (Struers)


  • 1 Programmable Slide Stainer (Medite)
  • 1 Immunostainer (Dako)
  • 6 Immunostainers (Ventana Benchmark and Discovery)
  • 2 Coverslipping Machines (Medite, Thermofisher)


  • 1 Axioscan slide scanner (Zeiss) with image analysis and morphometry software
  • 5 Axioscope microscopes, 3 of them with a fluorescence unit (Zeiss)
  • 2 Nikon eclipse teaching microscope (Nikon)
  • 3 microscopes for histology processing (Leitz)
  • 1 Capsule printer (Leica)
  • 1 Slide printer (Leica)

Our new gadgets

Zeiss Axio Scan.Z1

With the Zeiss Axio Scan.Z1 we have an extremely powerful and high-resolution scanner for the whole field of imaging. We offer computer-assisted quantitative analyses on highest levels.

Ventana Benchmark ULTRA & Discovery ULTRA

Faster and higher quality results, we also guarantee by our highly flexible, automated new Immunostainers. Thus we can offer IHC, ISH and FISH on different systems.

We also have a Power Supply (UPS) to prevent destruction of the samples during a power outage .