Service Portfolio

  • Slide preparation (Link zu “Routine HE slide preparation”)
  • Slide preparation plus reading and reporting (Link zu “Slide preparation plus reading and reporting”)
  • Special stains and enzyme Histochemistry
  • Target validation: IHC /Immunofluorescence/Microarrays
  • Cutting-grinding-technique for implants – Complete Pathology support
  • Workload (siehe ppt “Equipment  – Capacity”)

Slide preparation plus reading and reporting

  • As Test Site with Principal Investigator
  • Interim-results presentation for sponsor internal discussion
  • Validated computerized system (PDS)

Routine HE slide preparation

  • Free of charge dispatch of materials with private courier
  • Delivery within requested time-lines
  • Willingness to set up a long-term cooperation/commitment
  • 100 % quality check of slides before dispatch
  • TPL histology sheets/or client customized